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The Human Brain

There are different parts to the human brain that make us wonderfully smart and wise and sometimes woefully stupid.  The Energy Therapies have a way of helping our brains in ways that talk therapy cannot always do. 

In keeping with my fascination with the brain and its magnificience and potential I have combined some energy therapy and brain work in a process that I call CYM which stands for Change Your Mind. 

I invite you to check out the web site for that process at www.cym.info.com.
The Human Brain and CYM
My hope is that through this and other methods of healing that we may leanr to use our higher wisdom rather than our primitive and tribal mehtality or even worse our animal survival brains.  When we make that change, we may establish peace on earth. 

If you have suffered from a traumatic childhood or had significant losses in your adult life, you can discover ways to change how these things impact your life.  In this web site and the others referenced here, I hope to introduce you to a few of the new  "psychotherapies" and in www.cym-info.com to a method I developed.

More research is also emerging that confirms how much impact we have on each other even at a distance.  This means that when you have peace in your life, you help to bring peace to the world.   I hope you will join me to learn more about creating our new world.
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