My next adventure was to go to Sedona,Arizona to take a workshop in Thought Field Therapy.  I had read about it and thought it wa strange but wanted to check it out anyway.  At the end of the workshop we did a practicum on each other with our own issues.  Mine was a fear of heights which I had since I was about three years old.  After the practicum that day, I walked to the Red Rock Canyon rim.  (If you are familiar with Arizona,  you know that is high up.)  Previous to the workshop I would walk in that area staying about 8 feet from the edge of the canyon.  That afternoon I was able to walk rigfht up to the edge and look down without being afraid.  I was convinced there was something to this and brought the trainer to Michigan to teach my colleagues there.
In the beginning  ...

My journey as a psychologist began when at forty years old I realized that the work I was doing at a domestic violence shelter was not making the differences I wanted.  People tended to stay in the same destructive patterns even if those patterns didn't work. So I decided to go to graduate school  so I could learn what made people behave this way and how to change it.  

I learned a lot of theory and became a therapist in a clinical setting.  There I found myself working in a problem infected neighborhood and dealing with a population which consisted mainly of drug addicts, alcoholics, and police officers and firefighters.  Also some of my first patients I found out eventually had what was then called Multiple Personality Disorders, now known as Dissociative Identify Disorders.   Very quickly I discovered that talk therapy had limitations.  So I began to explore options other than talk therapy.  

Quantum Leap Therapies

the therapies that defy gravity

My first journeys into the twilight zone included hypnotherapy, guided imagery, inner child work and art therapy.  These helped but not enough.  I then heard about Eye Movement Dissociation or EMDR and signed up to be trained in this modality.  That was about 1990 when EMDR was very new.  You can check the website for EMDR at
Following my experience with TFT, I researched and went to every training in Energy Psychology that I could find.  I then set up trainings in Michigan and began teaching my friends and colleagues there what I learned.  I practiced EFT, BSFF, TAT and others with great enthusiasm.

I had taken flight!
My HIstory

My Adventures with Energy Psychology