My HIstory

Quantum Leap Therapies

the therapies that defy gravity
A new group of psychological interventions which comes under the name of Energy Psychology has surfaced in the last few years.  These therapies can help us to heal emotional and related physical issues,sometimes in minutes. 

We have also discovered much about our brains including the fact that they can be changed.  No matter how old we may be, our brains can be rewired..

My goal in this web site is to help you to know about some of these advances and to provide resources where you can learn more.
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Taking the Leap

not an energy psychology but a quantum leap therapy

the first of the energy psychologies 

probably the best known and a true quantum leap in healing body, mind, and spirit

my variation on EFT which combines several energy methods with understanding the human brain

As you go through this site, the links are underlined and clicking on them will take you to more information about the topic.  I have included EMDR on this site because it is definitely a quantum leap from traditional cognitive behavioral therapy but it does require that you work with a trained therapist.  

Healing your own emotional wounds is very important in many ways.  When you heal yourself, obviously, you enjoy your life more.  Your emotions impact your physical health both positively and negatively.  Check out these videos from Bruce Lipton and others.
at the Tapping Solution.

When you are in a happier space, your relationshhips improve.  Emotions are contagious.  Anger sprreads and so does joy.  It is of benefit for you and for everyone whose lives you touch to be happier.

Finally, how you are has an impact on our world.  More research in quantum physics and by the Institute of HeartMath and others strongly suggests that when we send love and healing to our world, healing happens.